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Pneumatic framing nailer using plastic collated nails in wood frame construction

Construction Fasteners

Bolts, Nails, Screws

When it comes to putting things together you’ve got to trust your work, and sometimes there is no going back. That’s why we put quality first when it comes to making a connection and carry an extensive selection of the leading brand name fasteners used in construction.

If you are unsure how to connect, just ask.

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  • Simpson Fasteners
  • Suredrive Screws
  • FastenMaster Screws
  • Lippincott Screws
  • Tapcon Fasteners
  • Starborn Screws
  • GRK Fasteners
  • Huttig-Grip Construction Nails
  • Senco stick & collated nails
  • Paslode stick & collated nails
  • Bolts and Threaded Rod
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Construction Fasteners

We stock a broad range of fasteners for construction in a variety of types, materials and coatings for wood, treated wood, concrete, metal and composite fastening applications. If you need help with fasteners, just ask.

Simpson Fasteners

  • Strong-Drive SD, SDS, SDWH, SDWS Screws
  • Powder-Driven Pins
  • Strong-Bolt 2
  • Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor
  • Strong-Drive SCN Smooth-Shank Connector Nail


  • Drywall Screws
  • Decking Screws


  • Screws
  • LOK Structural Wood Screws
  • TimberLOK Truss/Rafter Structural Wood Screws


  • Wood Screws
  • Sheet Metal Screws


  • Concrete Anchors
  • Masonry Fasteners
  • The Original Blue Screw


  • Composite Deck Screws
  • Pro Plug System
    Hidden fastener for PVC/composite decking and cladding

GRK Fasteners

  • R4 - Multi-purpose Framing Screws
  • RSS - Rugged Structural Screws
  • FIN/TRIM - Finishing Trim-head Screws
  • Low Profile Cabinet Screws
  • RT Composite Screws
  • Augerbolt - Through Bolt Fastening
  • RSS - Black Structural Screws
  • Anglepro - Hidden Deck Fastening
  • Deck Elite - Top Down Decking Screws

Huttig-Grip Fasteners

  • Packaged Nails 1 lb & 5 lb
  • Huttig-Grip - General Construction Nails, Outdoor Construction Nails, Roofing Nails and Drywall Nails
  • Packaged Nails Bulk 50 lb
  • General Construction Nails, Outdoor Framing Nails
  • Collated Fasteners
  • Stick Framing Nails - Bright & HDG
  • Metal Connector Nails - Bright & HDG
  • Coil Roofing Nails, Coil Siding Nails

Senco, Paslode

  • Stick and Coil Collated Nails, Fasteners


  • Machine Bolts
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Lag Screws

Threaded Rod & Connectors

  • Allthread
  • Zinc plated or Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Carbon Steel
  • 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4" diameter
  • 12", 18", 3', 6', 10' lengths
  • Connectors
RailEasy cable railing system on a wood post and rail railing

Trex Hideaway Clips

Leave it to Trex to create a flawless look across your entire deck. These self-gapping, universal hidden fasteners install grooved-edge deck boards to joists with no visible screw heads. The stainless steel deck screw is already set in the fastener for easier installation.

CAMO EDGE Clip for grooved wood or composite deck board installation


EDGE Clips are for grooved wood and composite deck board installations in 90°patterns on wood joists. Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners are easy to use and stay in place until you are ready to fasten.

Messmer’s UV Plus penetrating oil on a hardwood deck

CAMO EDGE Deck Screws

Edge deck screws fasten through the sides of the board for a fastener-free surface. Applications include softwood, hardwood, composite, capped composite and PVC deck boards.

Simpson Strong-Tie Authorized Stocking Dealer logo

Simpson Strong-Tie

We are an Authorized Stocking Dealer for Simpson Strong-Tie Connections and carry a complete range of Simpson Strong-Tie products geared for the building professional.

GRK Construction Fasteners

Drive with Speed, Quality and Confidence

GRK offers a complete line of super high quality construction fasteners designed for every construction phase in a range of sizes which cannot be matched.

Framing • Structural • Exterior Trim • Cabinetry • Concrete • Specality

R4 - Multi-purpose framing screws

GRK R4 Multi-purpose framing screw graphic showing head and profile
  • Recessed star-drive self-countersinking head that requires no pre-drilling and makes for faster penetration.
  • Made of hardened steel with a recessed star-drive washer-head.
  • Interior/exterior rated for all materials.

RSS – Rugged Structural Screws

GRK RSS Rugged Structural Screw graphic showing head and profile
  • This is a more efficient lag screw alternative.
  • Made from case-hardened steel which increases shear strength.
  • Interior/exterior rated for all materials.
  • Climatek coated and approved for pressure treated applications.
  • From 3 1/8“ and longer.

FIN/TRIM - Finishing Trim-head Screws

GRK FIN/TRIM Finishing Trim-head Screw graphic showing small screw head and slim profile
  • Recessed star-drive trim-head makes for a clean finished look.
  • An excellent choice for most fine carpentry applications.
  • Climatek coated, interior/exterior rated for all materials.
  • From 1 1/4“ and longer.

Low profile Cabinet Screws

GRK Low profile Cabinet Screw graphic showing low profile washer-head
  • Recessed star-drive with a low profile washer-head.
  • Made from case hardened steel for maximum strength.
  • Climatek coated, interior/exterior rated for all materials. Pressure treated approved.
  • From 1 1/4“ and longer.

RT Composite Screws

GRK RT Composite Screw graphic showing small head and narrow profile
  • These exterior rated trim-head screws have reverse threads under the head for drawing down material.
  • Ideal for composite and PVC products.
  • From 2“ and longer.
GRK Multi-purpose framing screw

Approved for pressure treated applications. The GRK RSS — Rugged Structural Screws are made from case-hardened steel and can be used as a more efficient alternative to lag screws.

Vintage logging photo of Engine #2 pulling a long load of logs on a wood trestle bridge
Engine #2 stops for a photograph on the wood trestle bridge, Humboldt Northern Railway.
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Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, downloadable PDF that’s an easy reference guide to the type of Lumber and Wood we inventory, including the sizes and grades. We also list the common Building Materials we stock, the Window & Door Brands we carry and the Contractor Services we offer.

Lumber & Wood Catalog PDF
Economy Lumber Company
Lumber & Wood Catalog

8 pages / 3.3MB PDF

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