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To get the ball rolling give us a call at (510) 261-6100 or simply fill out the form below and tell us what you need. Make sure to include your contact information and the best way for us to get back to you. We’ll make every effort to respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Orders paid in full before noon Monday - Friday will be ready for pick up same day. Once paid, a salesperson will contact you with more information about when the order will be ready for pick up.

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We’ll make every effort to respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

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Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, easy to use eight page reference guide to the type of lumber and wood products available. Included are the sizes and lumber grades we inventory, the Building Materials we stock, the Window & Door Brands we carry and the Contractor Services we offer.

Lumber & Wood Catalog

8 pages / 3.5MB PDF

Broad Foot Calculator on iPhone for easy on the job calculations

Construction Calculators

Construction calculators are a handy way to solve construction math problems. From trying to figure out board feet to the size of your deck and the number of boards required. These calculators solve construction math problems on the fly and are accessible on your phone when you are at the lumber yard or at your desk doing an estimate. Give them a try, you’ll be amazed.

Construction Calculators
Board Feet, Decking and Concrete Calculators

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