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Contractors at a job site in Orinda installing Simpson Strong-Tie 2x6 hangers

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie, Strong-Wall Shearwall, Strong Frame

Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures top quality product solutions for a wide range of construction and retrofitting applications. Whether for new construction, remodeling or home improvement, our extensive Simpson Strong-Tie product inventory includes Construction Connectors & Fastening Systems for Wood, along with Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete and Masonry.

Simpson Strong-Wall Wood and Steel shearwalls, and Strong Wall Moment Frames are available and built to spec via Special Order.

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Simpson Strong-Tie Authorized Stocking Dealer
Our contractor sales team is Strong-Tie knowledgeable and here to help answer any of your questions.
Simpson Strong-Tie connectors - anchor bolt, column base, column cap, post cap, hangers and strap

Simpson Strong-Tie Connections

Authorized Stocking Dealer

Simpson Strong-Tie wood connectors

Strong-Tie Wood Connectors

Simpson Strong-Tie wood connectors are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to increase the strength and safety of wood frame structures. Our Strong-Tie structural connector inventory is very complete, from Heavy-Duty Girder Hangers and Framing Angles, to Straps & Joist Hangers.

Use Z-Max coated and ZMAX hot-dip galvanized (HDG) fasteners with pressure treated lumber.

Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners

Strong-Tie Fasteners

Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners are all high quality and engineered to perform in a wide range of fastening applications. Rigorous testing ensures these products can handle higher loads, resist corrosion and make installation more efficient. We carry a variety of Screws and Nails, Quick Drive Systems, and Collated Nails & Staples.

Use Z-Max coated and ZMAX hot-dip galvanized (HDG) fasteners with pressure treated lumber.

SET-XP Adhesive anchors rebar in concrete

Anchoring & Fastening Systems

We carry a complete selection of Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical and adhesive anchors for concrete and masonry applications. From epoxy adhesives and applicators to concrete and masonry screws, you’ll find a complete solution for anchoring and fastening.

Contractor field cuts a Simpson Strong-Wall shearwall at this Pleasanton job site

Simpson Strong-Wall Shearwalls

Quick and easy to install, these factory-built shearwalls are a cost effective alternative to site-built shearwalls. The Strong-Wall is a prefabricated shearwall that is designed and engineered for greater flexibility in building design while providing greater lateral-force resistance and load support. Strong-Wall shearwalls are narrower and available in a full array of code-listed products.

Prefabricated Strong-Wall Wood Shearwalls are shown in different sizes

Strong-Wall Wood Shearwalls

The Strong-Wall Wood Shearwall is a prefabricated, specially designed engineered-wood panel that delivers greater lateral force resistance than most site built wood shearwalls. Features include front, back and side access holdowns and top-of-wall connection for easy installation and inspection in various framing applications. Contractors have the ability to field-trim the shearwall for custom heights and rake walls.

Steel Strong-Wall Shearwalls

The Steel Strong-Wall Shearwall is designed as a composite shearwall that features some of the highest allowable loads in the industry while offering the easiest and fastest installation.

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Frame being delivered to this Piedmont job site with the forklift

Simpson Strong Frame being delivered to this Piedmont job site.

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Frame installed in this SF townhouse

Simpson Strong Frame

Moment frames allow for the construction of larger openings and smaller wall sections while supporting heavier loads and spanning greater distances. Some applications include garage fronts, very large rooms and soft story retrofitting.

The Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Frame is the most efficient and cost effective moment frame that’s factory built and precision engineered for designers, contractors and building owners. Strong Frame moment frames are designed for fast and easy installation, and their simple, streamlined dimension verification and ordering process will keep your project moving forward. Talk to our experts in contractor sales to learn more.

an Francisco 1906 Earthquake vintage photograph looking towards Sacramento Street
Smoke raises in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake as we look towards the fire on Sacramento Street.
Simpson Strong-Tie diagram showing soft-story retrofit solution in wood frame construction

Soft-Story Retrofitting

Many homes in the Bay Area, especially those with attached garages, have a condition known as soft story. This is a situation in which a living space of the house, a bedroom for example, has been built over a large opening such as a garage door. Such an opening has little or no stiffness or shear strength, hence the term “soft-story” meaning a story of a home built over a wall area that is soft in its resistance to lateral movement. Simpson Strong-Tie is a leader of state-of-the-art structural solutions specifically designed to meet the code requirements of soft-story retrofits.

Earthquake Retrofitting: House Bolting, Foundation Bolting & Cripple Wall Bracing.
Contractor installed H10 connector during seismic retrofit

Contractor earthquake retrofits home using H10 connectors and 5/8" galvanized foundation bolts with 3" square galvanized plate washers during foundation bolting and cripple wall bracing for earthquake retrofitting.

Earthquake Retrofitting

We carry the complete line of Simpson Strong-Tie earthquake retrofit products designed and engineered to strengthen your home. Living in California means we live in earthquake country and recent studies show that retrofitted homes have performed well, with little or no structural damage after a major earthquake. Bay Area building codes favor earthquake retrofitting and we are here to help with your retrofit solution.

Vintage photograph right after the devasting Hayward earthquake in October 1868
At 7:53 am local time on October 21st 1868, the destructive waves from a Magnitude 7 earthquake on the Southern end of the Hayward Fault quickly traveled across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The above photo shows Pierce’s house knocked off its foundation by the quake. Hayward 1868
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