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The vaulted ceiling in this modern kitchen features three Velux skylights

Skylights & Solar Tubes

VELUX Skylights & VELUX Sun Tunnel

Whether you want to add daylight to a room, vent a room with fresh air or just lay on the couch and look up at the clouds — we can help make it happen. We carry VELUX Skylights and all of the accessories. We also carry the very popular and easy to install VELUX Sun Tunnel for daylighting a dark hallway or laundry room.

Our services include Showroom Consultation, Blueprint Takeoffs, Hassle-Free Estimates, Custom Door Hanging and Delivery.

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We Carry the Following Products

Brand logo for Royalite Skylight & Ladder Manufacturing
Brand logo for Solatube Innovation in Daylighting
VELUX is the world leader in skylights with environmentally friendly products to control daylight and fresh air.

VELUX Skylights

Spacious livingroom with VELUX venting skylights being opened by a smartphone app

VELUX offers a complete system of energy efficient Skylights, Blinds and Accessories for any solution, from installation right down to the finishing touches. The VELUX Venting Skylight not only daylights a room, but opens for fresh air, allowing you to control your home’s temperature and moisture level by releasing stale, humid air. All controlled from an app on your smartphone.

VELUX Skylights logo


Fresh air skylights • Fixed Skylights • Skylight Shades

Daylighted a dark room by installing a VELUX skylight over the bed for natural light

Daylighting a Room

Enjoy the view while visually expanding a bedroom with daylight and fresh air by installing a skylight geared more towards small spaces.

Sun filled bedroom with cathedral ceilings and four VELUX skylights

Creating a Room

This open ceiling addition creates a spacious room that is filled with natural light from the VELUX skylights installed in the cathedral ceiling.

Modern bath with large light shaft and venting skylight creates spaciousness in this small space

Venting a Room

An integral part of this modern bathroom design, the skylight creates a shaft of light and will automatically open and close to vent the room.

Window & Door / Millwork

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☎ Window & Door   510 437-1199

Open floor plan of farm style kitchen with exposed beams features VELUX skylights with blinds

Kitchen Skylights

The open floor plan of this spacious island kitchen features exposed beams with skylights positioned over the work area to bathe the room in natural light. By opening your ceiling to the outdoors, you can transform any room of the house into a bright and healthy space with views of blue sky, starry nights, and passing storms. Let our experts show you how.

VELUX products includes VELUX Fresh Air Skylights, VELUX Fixed Skylight and VELUX Sun Tunnels

VELUX Skylights & VELUX Sun Tunnel

VELUX offers a complete line of Skylights and Accessories for your home, including light filtering Skylight Blinds and Solar Shades to control the amount of light entering a room and solar heat gain. From manual to electric or solar powered “Fresh Air” Skylights, to fixed Skylights and Sun Tunnel Skylights, VELUX has a readymade solution for any room of the house.


Modern kitchen features two Royalite single lite fixed glass skylights

Royalite Manufacturing is a Northern California provider of custom skylights, including barrel vault skylights, solariums / sunrooms, and pyramid skylights. They offer a full range of design options from your basic acrylic domed skylight to energy efficient glass skylights.

Through innovative engineering and design, Royalite’s product lines, from structural pyramids, double-hips, ridges, gables, to various multi sided skylights will satisfy the most exotic of architectural concepts.

Brand logo for Royalite Skylight & Ladder Manufacturing

Custom Skylights

Skylights • Multi-lite Skylights • Solarium/Sun Room

A pair of Royalite single lite fixed glass skylights over sink in Modern kitchen

Glass Skylights

Royalite’s thermally broken skylights are hand crafted and custom made to eliminate any heat loss through the frame. Glazed with Low-E glass for optimum energy performance. Single lite skylights can be fixed or operable with the option of manual, electric or solar power.

Royalite fixed glass skylights

Royalite multi-lite custom skylight installed on this San Francisco residence roof top

Multi-lite Skylight

Designed to your specs, the Royalite single pitch multi-lite glass skylights are custom built for flat or slopped roofs. Features include a strong and durable extruded aluminum frame assembly and a selection of glass options for a wide range of performance capabilities.

Multi-lite single pitch skylight

Custom built solarium sun room installed on this San Francisco roof

Solarium/Sun Room

Royalite’s solarium sun rooms have walls that are glass. With one to three sides and a roof of glass the structure mounts on a perimeter curb and attaches to the building at the top and sides. Extruded aluminum frame with your choice of glass options for performance and frame finishes.

Royalite solarium sun room

Buyers Guide cover features a kitchen with single-hung windows from the Marvin Signature Collection

How to Choose

Choosing the right window, door or skylight can be a complex process with lots of variables and information to sort through. Not only is there curb appeal to consider, but maintenance and energy efficiency are important for your well being.

We’ve put together some great advice and a few tips to help you find the right products for your project.

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights

Two VELUX Sun Tunnels bring natural light to this remodeled laundry room

The VELUX Sun Tunnel brings natural light to even the darkest areas of your home. The specially designed tunnel passes from roof to ceiling, and is available in a rigid tunnel providing the brightest illumination, or a flexible tunnel for easy installation around attic obstacles.

VEUX Sun Tunnel logo

Sun Tunnel

Rigid tunnel • Flexible tunnel

Attic diagram showing VELUX Sun Tunnel installation

Add Daylight

Daylight illumination has never been easier for any room of the house. The VELUX Sun Tunnel simply installs between the roof and the ceiling with a flush fitting diffuser for a clean look.

Bright farm style kitchen remodel installed two VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights over the kitchen island

VELUX Sun Tunnels

Even room illumination can be found in this farm style kitchen using solar tubes. Two VELUX Sun Tunnels were installed over the island in this kitchen design, adding to the natural light from the window over the sink.

Contractor installing VELUX Sun Tunnel on roof

Easy to install

Easy to install in three steps; attic, roof and interior. The VELUX Sun Tunnel is available in 10" and 14" flexible or rigid tunnels, roof mounts and your choice of diffuser for the effect you want.


Before and after shows the light transformation after installing a Solatube Daylighting System

These tubular skylights deliver the maximum natural light from the sun to anyplace in the house. Using innovative daylighting technologies, the Solatube Daylighting System converts the dak places in your home to spaces you now inhabit with natural light.

From the sunlight capturing dome that captures light at any time of the day, to the reflective tube that you install virtually anywhere in the attic, allowing you to position the Solatube diffuser anywhere in the ceiling.

Solatube Innovation in Daylighting brand logo

Tubular Daylighting System

High-utility dome collector • Low profile collector

Kitchen gets a natural light makeover with the addition of two Solatube Daylighting Systems

Bright Kitchen

Having only available light, this windowless kitchen is filled with natural light from two Tubular Skylights with square diffusers. The 290 DS Tubular Skylight delivers daylight to spaces up to 300 sq. ft, like a dark kitchen, family room, master bath or large hallway.

Solatube Tubular Skylight

Solatube Daylighting System brightens this formerly dark hallway

Decorative Fixtures

Surround a windowless hallway in beautiful natural light from the sun. Solatube’s daylighting systems deliver sunlight to any style interior with style. Decorative fixtures are available to enhance the look of any room with round or square designs that range from subtle to stunning.

Solatube round decorative fixture

Solar powered smart NightLight automatically comes on at night

Nite Light

Say goodby to dark hallways at night by customizing your Solatube Daylighting System for night use with integrated solar-electric technology. Installed photovoltaic panel generates and stores energy during the day to power smart NightLight to automatically come on at night.

Solatube NightLight



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VELUX skylights in bedroom

Skylight Service

If you’re an architect, builder or homeowner thinking about remodeling then our personalized Window & Door Service is tailored to meet your needs. You can come to our showroom, meet us and see product samples, or we can come to your office, home or job site.

Our Millwork professionals will work with you to come up with the best solution to fit your project while keeping with the architectural character of your home, lifestyle and budget. Whether buying for new construction, renovation or replacing those double-hungs, you’ll get a Hassle-Free Estimate based on your project with no obligation.

ENERGY STAR® is a government program that helps consumers protect the environment through superior energy efficiency and is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, downloadable PDF that’s an easy reference guide to the type of Lumber and Wood we inventory, including the sizes and grades. We also list the common Building Materials we stock, the Window & Door Brands we carry and the Contractor Services we offer.

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