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The LaCantina folding doors open from the kitchen onto the deck with no corner post

Moving Glass Wall

Sliding or Folding Doors for large openings

From an Alamo farm house to an El Cerrito hill house, moving window walls have brought the outside in for a bigger living space. Whether you want a seamless transition between the outside and the inside for life and entertaining, or you’re looking for romance and a spectacular night time view, these systems deliver.

Glass window walls come in two varieties, folding or sliding and each style has the capability of spanning large openings with large panels that are easy to open and close. From bifold to multi slide, these door systems feature customizations to personalize and energy efficient glass options to save on energy.

Our services include Showroom Consultation, Blueprint Takeoffs, Hassle-Free Estimates, Custom Door Hanging and Delivery.

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We Carry the Following Brands

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Moving glass walls have brought the outside in for a bigger living space.

LaCantina Doors

Alamo farm style home opens the living room to the backyard deck through LaCantina folding doors

LaCantina Doors are quality built and offer value and performance while enhancing your lifestyle with open space. Now you can blur the transition between inside and outside, and dramatically expand a living room or kitchen to the outdoors.

A leader in the development of products that open up spaces with large door systems. Whether folding, sliding or swinging, LaCantina offers a wide selection of material options, hardware and performance levels to meet the needs of any residential or commercial project.

LaCantina Doors brand logo

Folding Glass Door and Multi Slide Glass Door

Folding Door • Sliding Door • Swing Door

LaCantina bifold doors fold open from the living room to the patio

Folding Door

LaCantina perfected the Folding Door system for large open spaces by offering style, function and performance. Robust panels up to 4ft wide and 12ft tall can span virtually any size opening while high quality rolling hardware assures smooth, effortless operation. The V2 folding door offers more glass and less frame in a streamlined design with hidden hardware and ultra thin stiles and rails.

LaCantina Folding Door

LaCantina multi slide doors create a floor to ceiling wall of glass for an expansive hillside view

Sliding Door

Engineered to the demands of a folding door, LaCantina’s Multi Slide system features inline door panels that slide effortlessly on low profile rollers. When open doors stack flush against one another or slide into a wall pocket completely out of view. Doors feature narrow stiles and low profile rails that match the product line and panels can be up to 8ft wide and 12ft tall.

LaCantina Sliding Door

LaCantina swing door provides easy access from the kitchen to the outside patio

Swing Door

Designed for taller and wider openings, these robust architectural doors offer more glass for more daylight and view. Using a narrow stile and rail assembly, these swing doors match the folding and multi slide door systems for a complete look. Single and double doors use double leaf bearing hinges with a concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation.

LaCantina Swing Door

AG Millworks Patio Doors

Living room features AG Millworks Multi Slide doors for a great view that opens to the deck

AG Millworks combines extraordinary designs with old world craftsmanship and the latest technology to produce custom architectural folding and sliding patio doors built for today. Handcrafted with attention to detail, these beautiful made doors are energy efficient and create expensive glass walls that open with ease.

From rich all wood interiors to the sleek, low-maintenance exteriors, AG Millworks sliding and folding glass doors are in a class of their own and will elevate your project to the next level. Visit our showroom to view and operate the display of the Folding Door System by AG Millworks.

AG Millworks Door and Window Systems meet or beat the latest California energy-efficient standards, are NFRC Certified and Title 24 Prescriptive Compliant.

AG Millwork company logo

Folding Glass Door and Multi Slide Glass Door

Bi-Fold door • Multi Slide door • Lift & Slide door

The main feature of this open floor plan island kitchen is the AG Millworks bi-fold door system

Bi-fold door

Simply fold open to expand your living space into the outdoors. These door systems are a series of door panels hung by a rolling hinge that glides through a track. Energy efficient panels can be up to 4ft wide and 13ft high with narrow site lines for maximum light.

AG Millworks bi-fold door

Two AG Millworks sliding door systems are installed side by side in this large open living area

Multi slide door

The ultimate for creating indoor / outdoor living spaces. Door panels slide smoothly and stack on one or both sides of the opening, or completely disappear into a wall pocket for a seamless transition. Multi slides offer narrower site lines because the stiles overlap.

AG Millworks sliding door

The large open expanse created by the AG Millworks Lift & Slide door provides a smooth transition

Lift & Slide door

Lift & Slide patio doors move walls out of the way, blending interior space with exterior living spaces. Doors smoothly slide on a staggered track system and when fully open stack one behind the other in the wall. When closed door stiles overlap for more daylight and view.

AG Millworks lift & slide pocket door

Visit our showroom and see how easy it is to operate the Folding Door System by AG Millworks.
Ask about energy star logo

ENERGY STAR® rated windows and patio doors help you save energy by reducing your home’s carbon footprint which in turn reduces the impact of energy production on the environment. By installing ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and patio doors you will do more than just lower your energy bills — you’ll improve personal comfort, create less interior condensation and protect furnishings from damage by the sun better than conventional clear-glass double-glazed alternatives.

Marvin Bi-fold and Multi-slide Doors

Marvin bifold doors elegantly separate the living room from the dining room in this residence

Marvin’s oversized patio doors are beautifully designed with advanced engineering and craftsmanship built into every door. From the weather tight seal keeping wind and water out to the integrated multi-point locking system, these doors are extremely well built and have a good performance rating.

Opening the Marvin Ultimate bi-fold doors creates a seamless transition for entertaining guests

Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors

Marvin Bi-fold

Bifold doors, aka folding or accordion doors have two or more hinged panels that when open stack on the side of the opening. Designed with narrow profiles for less frame and more view, Marvin Bifold doors are well made, energy efficient and a popular style for patio doors.

The floor to ceiling glass panels are hung from above for effortless operation to open or close. Because bifolds stack to the side, out of the way, they are a good choice for high traffic areas. And if space allows, adding a swing door for passage is a nice addition.

Design options include finish, glass, screens and hardware. Available in Elevate and Ultimate product lines.

Marvin Multi-Slide doors create an expanse of glass for more natural light and views

Marvin Multi-Slide Doors

Marvin Multi-slide Doors

From a kitchen pass through for a deck to a wide open expanse of space, these multi slide doors bring the inside outside. Doors slide or glide with one or more panels aligned in a row and when open stack side by side or disappear into a wall pocket, taking minimal floor space.

When closed the stile of one panel overlaps the stile of the next panel creating a weather tight seal while providing narrow sightlines. Marvin Multi-slide doors can cover huge openings up to 12ft tall and over 50ft wide with floor to ceiling expanse of glass.

Design options include finish, glass, screens and hardware. Available in Signature Modern and Ultimate product lines.

Economy Lumber Company Marvin Sales and Service head

Economy Lumber Company is your trusted source for Marvin Windows & Doors. From Sales to Service, our in-house staff and factory trained technicians are here to help you with your Marvin products.

Andersen Big Doors

Floor to ceiling open space created by Andersen lift and slide big doors in contemporary home

Andersen’s big doors are more than just oversized sliding or folding doors, they are moving glass wall systems that create unbelievable spaces for living and entertaining. Whether folding or sliding, these glass wall products allow you to open up interior spaces to the outdoors and take advantage of spectacular views, even if it’s your back yard.

Andersen’s Big Doors are impressive.

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Milgard Glass Wall System

Living room with a view through Milgard moving glass wall system

Bring the outside in with a touch of luxury from a Moving Glass Wall by Milgard. These large sized doors open and close with ease to expand your living space into an innovative way to experience the outdoors.

Choose from Stacking Glass, Bi-Fold Glass or Pocket Glass walls. All products feature aluminum construction and design options include color selection and hardware finish with upgrades available.

Buyers Guide cover features a kitchen with single-hung windows from the Marvin Signature Collection

How to Choose

Choosing the right window, door or skylight can be a complex process with lots of variables and information to sort through. Not only is there curb appeal to consider, but maintenance and energy efficiency are important for your well being.

We’ve put together some great advice and a few tips to help you find the right products for your project.

All Weather

Half Moon Bay residence features All Weather Series 8100 Multi Sliding door opening onto the patio

If you are an architect and have an opening, then you’ll appreciate the smooth movement and the look and feel of these doors. Built with precision and craftsmanship, All Weather’s Multi Slide and Folding Door systems transform space from the inside out by allowing natural light and fresh air in with unobstructed views.

Products feature ease of operation, weather tight seals and design flexibility, including configuration, finish and hardware options. Locally made, these NFRC rated products are a good choice for energy efficient residential and commercial projects.

Thermally Broken is a term that refers to an aluminum frame window with an insulated strip between the inside and outside frame profiles. A thermally broken window frame has less sweat between hot and cold surfaces, stops drafts and air infiltration, and can be a boost to the insulating value of your windows and doors.



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Double-hung window exterior

Window & Door Service

If you’re an architect, builder or homeowner thinking about remodeling then our personalized Window & Door Service is tailored to meet your needs. You can come to our showroom, meet us and see product samples, or we can come to your office, home or job site.

Our Millwork professionals will work with you to come up with the best solution to fit your project while keeping with the architectural character of your home, lifestyle and budget. Whether buying for new construction, renovation or replacing those double-hungs, you’ll get a Hassle-Free Estimate based on your project with no obligation.

ENERGY STAR® is a government program that helps consumers protect the environment through superior energy efficiency and is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, downloadable PDF that’s an easy reference guide to the type of Lumber and Wood we inventory, including the sizes and grades. We also list the common Building Materials we stock, the Window & Door Brands we carry and the Contractor Services we offer.

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